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The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary is a 100% Indigenous owned and operated federally and provincially registered not-for-profit organization aimed at protecting, promoting, and preserving the critically endangered Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony and its cultural significance of the breed for Indigenous peoples of Canada and beyond. The sanctuary is a breed-specific sanctuary in Saskatchewan/Treaty 4 Territory and is currently home to seven Lac La Croix Indigenous Ponies. The Red Pony Stands® focuses on breeding genetically-matched pony pairs, conducting research on the importance of the breed for Indigenous holistic wellness, and building relationships/capacity with community. 

The Sanctuary

The Red Pony Stands® Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary

13-acre partially-treed property that is nestled at the edge of the Qu-Appelle Valley with a total of 5 alfalfa-brome pastures, each with its own reclaimed fir custom run-in shed.

Piapot First Nation Reserve Pasture

During the summer months, our our four Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony stallions enjoy the lush alfalfa-brome pasture of the newly fenced, 15-acre rental property located on Piapot First Nation, just south of the sanctuary.

Currently Seeking Prairie Land

We are currently in seeking bountiful prairie land adjacent to the sanctuary in the Piapot First Nation/Qu-Appelle Valley area. Please contact if you have any prospects.

The Red Pony Crew

Angela Snowshoe


Cullan McGinnis


Michael Snowshoe


Noel Starblanket

Cultural Advisor/Guiding Elder

Kim Shoemaker

Ranch Hand/Advocate

Kelsey Moore

M.Ed. Student Researcher